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What is rmprot?

rmprot is a character generator for Iron Crown Enterprises's pen and paper fantasy roleplaying game Rolemaster and its science ficiton variant Spacemaster and Cyperspace (all 2nd edition).

rmprot is a set of MS Excel workbooks for Excel 7 and up (I hope); published under the GNU general public license (GPL) 2.0.

See the documentation or the Sourceforge project page for further information on rmprot and its capabilities.

There are also some screenshots available.

Latest changes

rmprot version 0.6.2 offers these changes:

  • Added races from C&T 3

rmprot version 0.6.1 offers these changes:

  • Bug fix in level bonus calculation for levels > 20
  • Fixed some typos
  • Internal VB code improvements

rmprot version 0.6 offers these changes:

  • Bug fix in ranks to skill bonus translation.

See the versions chapter in the rmprot documentation for a list of all changes.

Download / Patches / CVS

Download the zip archive (about 1.6 MB). CVS is not available as versioning of Excel binaries is of little sense. Patches are not avaliable due to the limited possibilities of patching Excel files. When a new version is released it contains functionality to upgrade character records from any other version (this should also work the other way 'round (downgrading) if required).


Please subscribe to the rmprot users mailing list (low traffic volume) for questions, help, discussion, and announcements.

See the rmprot forum for bug reports or feature requests.

Drop me a message for any futher information on rmprot.

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Robert Wenner, current rmprot version is 0.6.1 alpha as of 9/2003